Recommended Photo Resources

Photography is a constant learning journey. Here are some prized gems to make your adventure a little more exciting.

A Peek Into Galen Rowell’s “Mountain Light”

Being an avid mountain photographer myself, when I opened the first page of Galen Rowell’s, “Mountain Light”, I’ll admit, I was pretty excited. As I flipped from page to page, however, my excitement grew more than I’d expected. “Mountain Light” is more than just a book on...
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“Chasing the Light” by Ibarionex Perello

A photographers gem, each chapter of “Chasing the Light” is jam-packed with beautiful photographs and insight into Ibarionex’s creative, artistic approach to the craft. So who is Ibarionex? An instructor at and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena,...
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A Look At E.H. Gombrich’s “Art and Illusion”

Science and humanities meet together in Ernst Gombrich’s superb work, “Art and Illusion: A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation.” Controversial in every detail, Gombrich attempts to link visual perception and art together through a scientific understanding of how...
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Breaking the Unseen Walls with E.T. Hall

Edward Twitchell Hall, Jr. was an American anthropologist that greatly advanced our understanding of nonverbal communication and behavior. While his book titles, such as “The Hidden Dimension” and “The Silent Language” may seem to offer no value to fellow photographers, there is...
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“Art and Agency: An Anthropological Theory” by Alfred Gell

Why do some pictures resonate with viewers and what causes this to happen? If you’re curious to know, then follow along as Alfred Gell answers this question (and more) in “Art and Agency: An Anthropological Theory”. Written by a British anthropologist, this work stresses the...
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James Gibson’s “The Ecological Approach to the Visual Perception of Pictures”

Ever wonder why you see the world the way you do? In “The Ecological Approach to the Perception of Pictures”, James Gibson dives into this very question. One of the most prominent 20th century American psychologists in visual perception, James Gibson’s work and research details...
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Notes on Rudolf Arnheim’s Classic, “Art and Visual Perception”

Read enough books on photo composition and you’ll run across the name “Rudolf Arnheim” name several times – and for a reason. Translated into over 14 languages, Rudolf Arnheim’s “Art and Visual Perception” is one of the most influential books on art of the past century....
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