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Uncover the Fundamentals of Photography and Start Taking Creative, Powerful Images People Won’t Forget

Have you ever secretly wished you could take spectacular, pro quality photos but feel like you just don’t have the time to figure it all out? Or that your equipment just isn’t good enough?

Well I have good news for you.

Photography is no different than anything you learn. Music, dance, architecture… They all take the same steps to mastery… And while there is a mountain of information out there for photography, the most vital key to success is mastery of the basics.

That’s exactly what my eBook, ‘the Blueprint: Photo Techniques From A-Z’ teaches you. With over 250 pages of content, it teaches you everything you need to know about photography.

And at a reasonable low price of only $19.97, backed by a 2-month better photos guarantee, you can be sure that you’ll improve your photography – or you don’t pay a dime.

“Thank you for your wonderful teachings.” Says Samuel, “You are my great inspirational instructor.”

Think what it’ll be like to be able to pull out any camera and take astonishing shots literally one after the other.

How will it feel to upload photos onto your computer that look like they came right out of a popular photography magazine?

Imagine coming back from vacation… showing your friends and family your photos… and getting “Ooohs” , “Aaahs“, and even the occasional jealous snicker?

That’s just a taste of what it’s like when you use these insider secrets in ‘the Blueprint: Photo Techniques From A-Z’.

In essence, it tears apart the iron veal that keeps you from understanding what makes a great photo.

  • If your shots look great when you take them, but end up blurry on the computer, see page 53.
  • When perfect locations turn into horrible photos, is it you or your camera? See age 8.
  • Shaky hand syndrome? Page 69 gives you 3 remedies (no tripod needed). And warns of one situation when nothing will help and it’s best to move on.

It ‘steals the tricks’ from the PRO’s and teaches you everything you NEED to know about your camera…

  • The aperture that should never be used for landscapes (It’ll ruin your shot). See inside.
  • When your camera lies: Seven situations when you’ll have to out-wit your camera!
  • If you take a pic by pointing at your subject, setting the exposure, and focusing, you’re doing it all wrong. (See inside)
  • What to double check before taking a picture (It’s not your exposure)
  • How to beat blurry, dark pics at night (Please, don’t even think of using your flash!)
  • Poses you should NEVER Make shy people do (It’ll humiliate the both of you) Page 148.

And it’s guaranteed to transform forever how you use your camera – or you don’t pay a dime.


Take Better Photos in 2 Months Guarantee

Unlike learning through seminars or expensive classes, there is no obligation to keep “The Blueprint”. Not until you have first tried out the techniques should you decide.

If you don’t see a difference in your photography in two full months, you don’t pay.

Light up your passion for photography (And make it burn brighter than ever) with these inside secrets:

Secrets like why some photographers improve faster than others. This little-known info could super-speed your photo mastery.

Or the one photo that no-one on the face of the earth will ever ignore.

Or the ‘Grandpa’ way to photo precision! (Great news for the digitally challenged)

Is the LCD screen the first thing you look at after you take a photo? This and dozens of other common camera mistakes you’re likely making are all revealed inside!

And I’m not talking about being a ‘wannabe’, faking your photo ‘chops’ with Photoshop. You’re shown the insider strategies for real photo success (no photo-edit ‘training wheels’ necessary)!

Take a ‘PEEK’ Inside the Blueprint:

Ch. 1: Introduction – The Basic Overview of Photography
Ch. 2: The Photo Swipe– How to Steal Your Way to Photo Success
Ch. 3: PhotograZEN – How to use ZEN secrets to supercharge your photo mastery
Ch. 4: The Camera Accessories Run-Down
Ch. 5: Camera ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ Talk- What You Need to Know About Your Camera
Ch. 6: The Power of Composition– How to Frame the Perfect Shot
Ch. 7: Action Photography Success
Ch. 8: Close-Up Photography Essentials
Ch. 9: Harnessing the Power of LIGHT
Ch. 10: the Outdoor Photographer– Taking Great Shots Under the Sun (Or Moon)
Ch. 11: the ‘Shut-in’ Photographer– How to Take Great Indoor Shots
Ch. 12: Portrait Perfect– How to Take Great Pics of People
Ch. 13: Moonlit Masterpieces – The Secrets to Night Photo Success
Ch. 14: Lens Filters
Ch. 15: The ‘SUBJECT’ in Your Photo Explained
Ch. 16: Photos with Impact– Tips for Developing Strong Photo Concepts
Ch. 17: Your Unique Photo Style
Ch. 18: Copyright Basics When Taking Commercial Shots

Start Taking Creative, Impact-Filled Images People Won’t Forget

A great photo is not just something pleasing to look at. It’s tells a message, gives a point of view, and gives you an outlet for self-expression.

For the price of a professional photo print you’ll learn how to tell your own messages in a visually captivating way… and so much more!

“I just got an expensive SLR. How can I make sure it goes the distance?” Find out how on chapter 5.

“What’s a shutter release cable and how do I know if I need one?” Simply flip to chapter 4 to find out.

“Why isn’t my new lens making the images sharper?” The answer is in chapter 5.

Uncover the Exact Blueprints for Creating Your Own Great Shots…

You’re going to uncover….

  • The 2 zones of importance in every photo that add more impact to your shots. Page 91.
  • The three necessary ingredients of every photo – and why amateurs are shooting themselves in the foot by only paying attention to #2. Page 25.
  • 3 Simple questions to find out if your shot is too cluttered. (and how to fix it) Page 88.
  • 3 Types of lines and how you can use them to create tranquil, energetic, exciting, or dynamic power shots (The key is experimentation). Page 103-105.
  • When camera blur is actually a good thing (Actually, a great thing)
  • A super fun activity that’ll improve your photos (If you don’t enjoy this exercise, you shouldn’t be a photographer) Page 17.
  • When to bring your tripod so you never feel like an idiot-amateur on a shoot.
  • Worst camera fails of all time. Bad execution. Poor planning. And how to avoid this.
  • The danger of snow: How to protect your camera (And precious shots) Page 73.

Digital PDF Format for Easy Access

The Blueprint’s in digital eBook format (PDF), meaning that the moment you order you get immediate access to it. Anytime…whether it’s 3 am or midnight.

With that said, this is not another typical eBook with hundreds of photos and only five pages of techniques that leaves you lusting to take shots like those in the book…but stilted by a lack of instructive guidance.

Instead, you learn the reason why you take better photos on some days and not others (It’s not because of your camera or how much you know!).

You learn a simple, easy to use camera setting can dramatically alter the mood of your photos – page 4

You learn why your photo success depends on some basic ‘mind control’ and how to develop it yourself – fast (Even if you have A.D.D.)

You learn the most awful mistakes you can make with the composition rule of simplicity.

And why you should be wary of using a large aperture when your scene has this (Page 73.).

And how to avoid ISO noise in low light situations (Page 81)

Here’s what a couple people that have tried the Blueprint have to say…

Miriam, a painter, says…

“Thank you so much for the help you have been offering to me on photography. I have really learned a lot from this, (I) am so happy and grateful that I found your website and went through it… in my heart I love photography since I, as well, use it in my drawing and paintings …Thank you so much for your big heart to help and share you photography ideas and techniques. …Thank you so much for opening my mind (to) photography.”

Rob B. says…

“Yes, (The Blueprint) has helped. I am learning more every day. Yes, I look at photography like any other art. I am a musician and must have a unique personality to invoke the feeling I want. Imitation is simple and is why I do not do cover songs. I write my own music and I will develop my own photography style.”


About Alphonso, Author of the Blueprint

Alphonso, creator of IrisMasters, studied film production at Chapman’s Dodge College of Film in Orange, California. Blending his know-how of the filmmaking ‘storytelling’ process with a background in understanding human behavior and perception, Alphonso brings a unique perspective to photography that is both fresh and inspiring.

The Blueprint is a culmination of what he’s found and how it can transform your photos too.

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So simply click the link below and get started now. Or leave now and continue down the long, rocky road to PRO photos that most quit – and few complete.

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Don’t have time to study an entire photo course? Great! The insider secrets inside the Blueprint are made easily accessible for those without much free time. Simply flip to whatever chapter you’re interested in and grab a few useful techniques to use instantly.

Page 13 has a simple relaxation exercise that’s so easy you can do it walking, jogging, anywhere – without your camera – and use it to develop your photographer eyes!

Page 67 has four easy questions you should always ask yourself before beginning a shot (It’ll do wonders for your creativity!).

The fact is this:

99% of people that land on this page will tell themselves they’ll come back to download the eBook “tomorrow” but never return.

Don’t let that happen to you. Act now and uncover the essential photography fundamentals every serious camera owner should know.