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Essentials of Aperture and Depth of Field Photography

Aperture and depth of field are essentials every serious camera owner should know like the back of their hand. Merely understanding these settings, however, is not enough. For effective photography, it’s imperative that you also understand the impact these settings have on...
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Newbie Shortcuts: How to Take Good Pictures as a Beginner

New to photography and looking to take better photos not tomorrow – but now? While photography is a complicated, practice-based activity (more experience = better photos), there are two simple ingredients I’ve found in every great photo… Start taking photos with these two...
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The Untold Secrets for Landscape Photography Awesomeness

Nothing beats spending an afternoon with just two things: your camera and nature. As an adventure-seeker, it’s the perfect outlet for your stimulation – no two landscape photo sessions are ever the same. So how do you translate the amazing experiences of being in nature...
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The Beginners Guide to Using Balance in Photography

When someone looks at your photo, they intuitively know if it works or feels just plain awkward. They have no idea what makes them like or hate it. It just happens – seconds after a first glance. The trained artist, however, knows exactly what’s going on. It’s a phenomenon...
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5 Easy Steps to Mesmerizing Park Photos!

You can skip that trip to the Aurora Borealis. Great photo opportunities are just a block away at your local park! Here are your five steps to taking your own mesmerizing park photos! They’re specifically designed to help you scout out your best shots while saving yourself the...
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Travel Photography Tips For Your Best Shots Yet

You travel the world, see spectacular sights, find jaw-dropping views, and see parts of planet earth that 95% of people will never see. So why is it that your pictures never come out as exhilarating as the actual location? And how can you make your travel photographs more...
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How to Capture the Perfect Photo Moment

Whether it’s a Zebra jumping mid-air … or a flower blowing in the wind… or even just a warm facial expression you catch while out with friends…. a shot that freezes a powerful moment is priceless. And these photo tips help you develop the specific set of skills you need to...
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