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Photo Lessons

Getting An Eye For Photography

Ever wonder how you too could develop an eye for photography like the pros? An eye that can walk into any situation, bad light and all, and find photo opportunities all the other camera junkies completely look right over. After reading countless photo books, attending numerous...
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Five Familiar Photo Mistakes: Which Do You Want to Overcome?

Tired of deleting what seems to be every photo you take because they just don’t look good enough? Are many of the photos you take blurry, too dark, or just plain ugly? I am going to reveal to you five familiar photo mistakes and give you a simple solution to each of these...
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A Quick Introductory Guide to Focal Length

Your focal point measures how strongly your lens converges or diverges light. But in plain terms, your focal length controls lens optics and perspective. Focal lengths can range from extremely wide (think of fisheye lenses) to extremely telephoto (think of those enormous camera...
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Essential Beginner Tips for Night Photography

There are so many exciting, creative possibilities when the sun goes down. With these opportunities, however, comes great challenge. In extremely low-lit scenes you have no way of seeing how the image will come out until after you’ve taken it. When using 30 second to 5 minute...
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Star Photography Exposure Tips and Techniques

When it comes to night photography, stars are one of the most exciting subjects to capture. With that said, there are a couple different ways that you can photograph stars – each dependent upon how you use your exposure settings. We’ll start by focusing on capturing stars...
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Digital Photography for Beginners

Aperture. Depth of field. Exposure compensation.  With so much to learn, what’s a beginner to do to get started in the world of digital photography? Follow along as we answer this very question and arm you with a solid foundation of the fundamentals of photography. You’ll be...
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Shooting White as White – Your Guide to White Balance

Most cameras are set to Auto White Balance, consequently meaning that most photographers shoot in Auto WB mode. Auto WB works great for numerous shooting situations but also doesn’t work for many others. When your photos end up with an unrealistic bluish, orange, or green cast,...
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