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How to Overcome this Hidden Photographer Blindness

It’s easy to cruise along, thinking of this, thinking of that….while the world and all its beauty passes us by – unnoticed. Our lives are literally stuck in a comfy “mind spaceship”. Insulated from the world. Locked up. Prisoners of thought. It’s what I call the...
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Newbie Camera Hacks For the dSLR Photographer

DSLR cameras are jam-packed with features and functions, leaving many overwhelmed. So where do you start if you’re a newbie? These five DSLR camera hacks give you the essentials while prepping you for more intermediate and advanced functions. #1. Understand Meter Modes Struggling...
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Understanding the Shutter and Focal Length Rule

There’s a simple little photography rule that makes avoiding camera blur pretty easy. Simply put: “Choose a shutter speed of 1 over the focal length of your lens.” Shooting with a 50mm lens? Use a shutter speed of 1/50 100mm lens? Then use a shutter of at least 1/100....
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Getting Started With Your DSLR

DLR cameras are jam-packed with settings and features built to help you take your best shot yet. Learning how to use these features with ease is the tricky part. When getting started with your DSLR, it’s important to focus on the top level, key features and save the more...
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DSLR Auto Focus Modes Made Simple

Back when digital cameras first came out, telling others you use auto-focus was a guarantee that you’d be laughed at. Nowadays with advances in technology you’d be a fool to not use it. Advanced auto-focus systems are better than ever, allowing you to capture sharp, clear photos...
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What Is Picture Composition?

You’ve likely heard the word composition thrown around a lot. But what exactly does picture composition mean? And how can you use it to improve your photos? After years of training photographers online, I can say that I’ve finally come up with an answer. And it may not be what...
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6 Composition Rules Every Camera Owner Should Know

One of the easiest, most effective ways to improve your photo compositions is by following the tried and true rules. Rules that have been passed down for centuries, from artists as far back as Ancient Greece. The following are a few of the most well-known composition rules (and a...
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