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Photo Lessons

Ways to affect depth of field

3 Easy Ways to Affect Depth of Field

Whether your goal is a blurred background or clarity from border to border, depth of field control is how you make it happen. As covered in the Essentials of Aperture and Depth of Field Photography, aperture choice is the most obvious setting to affect depth. There is, however,...
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How to Harness the Power of Perception

When a photo holds a viewer’s attention for minutes, not seconds, you know there’s something magical happening. More often than not, it’s the power of perception. Look at any great work of art. A legendary photograph. An architectural marvel. Or a timeless painting. They visually...
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How to Photograph Christmas Lights

Whether it’s in your own backyard or the downtown district, Christmas lights make for beautiful, fun photography. And with the limited time range when Christmas lights are on display, it makes them all the more enticing to capture. Camera advances have fortunately made...
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Starter bokeh tips for beginners

What is the Bokeh Effect? Starter Tips for Beginners

With your camera pointed at a light source, gradually turn your focus barrel. You’ll notice the light source become blurrier and blurrier. As you reach the farthest turning point possible, the light will turn orb-like, almost ethereal. This is the bokeh effect. From the Japanese...
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How to Get Control Over Your Camera in Manual Mode

There’s a reason many DSLR camera owners veer away from manual mode. If you’ve tried it before, you know how easy it is to end up with blurry, incorrectly exposed images. Try it a few times and you’ll come to love how convenient auto and semi-auto modes feel. So why do so many...
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Observation: Why It’s So Important For Photographic Composition

If there’s one skill that will improve how you compose photographs, it’s the art of observation. Observation is a part of almost every step in photography. From how you adjust your exposure to how you frame your subject, better observation almost always leads to better...
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Overcoming Fear in Photography

There are a number of hurdles you’ll face as you start learning photography, many of which are lead by one thing – fear. We all want to take beautiful, captivating photographs. But the fact is that photography isn’t always so simple. As a beginner or amateur perfecting your...
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