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Photo Lessons

Chimping in Photography: Is It Good or Bad?

Ever hear of chimping? It’s when you take a picture, look at your camera to inspect it as well as the histogram, and then take another picture and do it again. As your head goes back and forth from looking through the viewfinder to at the LCD screen, people started calling ...
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landscape photography accessories

Must-Have Accessories for the Landscape Photographer

If you love shooting landscape photographs but find yourself always going out with only your camera, you could be missing out. The right accessories make it easier for you to capture high quality images with less struggle. They also help you avoid common shortcuts that...
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The art of photo framing

An Introduction to the Art (and Power) of Framing

A great frame takes the world around you and brings it to life. It provide structure, perspective, and personality. It also works as a powerful tool for communication. In fact, the artful use of framing has been responsible for some of the most influential photographs (and films)...
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11 winter photography tips

11 Winter Photography Tips for a Safe, Successful Shoot

When the cold knocks on your door, it’s easy to switch on the heater and put the camera into hibernation. Step outside into this winter weather, however, and you’ll find fallen leaves, transformed foliage colors, empty parks, fog, mist, and rain. It’s during this time when the...
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Ways to affect depth of field

3 Easy Ways to Affect Depth of Field

Whether your goal is a blurred background or clarity from border to border, depth of field control is how you make it happen. As covered in the Essentials of Aperture and Depth of Field Photography, aperture choice is the most obvious setting to affect depth. There is, however,...
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How to Harness the Power of Perception

When a photo holds a viewer’s attention for minutes, not seconds, you know there’s something magical happening. More often than not, it’s the power of perception. Look at any great work of art. A legendary photograph. An architectural marvel. Or a timeless painting. They visually...
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How to Photograph Christmas Lights

Whether it’s in your own backyard or the downtown district, Christmas lights make for beautiful, fun photography. And with the limited time range when Christmas lights are on display, it makes them all the more enticing to capture. Camera advances have fortunately made...
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