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Two important composition rules

The Two Most Important Rules for Composition

There are many rules to composition out there. Some are quite popular, such as the rule of thirds and leading lines. Then there are those more advanced principles such as those from gestalt psychology and visual perception. When just getting started as a photographer, learning...
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rule of thirds lesson

How (and How Not) to Use the Rule of Thirds in Photography

If you’ve taken any type of photography course – online, offline, free or paid – likely you’ve heard of the ‘rule of thirds’. It’s one of the first photography techniques I learned. Some people think of it as a great rule for beginners but not anyone else. Others hate...
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Leading Lines in Photography

Leading lines is a well-known composition rule that’s been used since the birth of art. Even if you’ve never heard of the rule before, you’ve likely used it to some degree in your photographs. Lines are a natural part of how we navigate through our lives. They’re everywhere!...
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10 Most Common Composition Mistakes Made by New Photographers

Let’s be honest. Mistakes are a part of every photographer’s journey. The quicker we can learn from our mistakes, the faster we’ll improve. Learning the art of composition is no different. And if there’s one thing beginners to the craft have in common, it’s the mistakes...
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The art of photo framing

An Introduction to the Art (and Power) of Framing

A great frame takes the world around you and brings it to life. It provide structure, perspective, and personality. It also works as a powerful tool for communication. In fact, the artful use of framing has been responsible for some of the most influential photographs (and films)...
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How to Harness the Power of Perception

When a photo holds a viewer’s attention for minutes, not seconds, you know there’s something magical happening. More often than not, it’s the power of perception. Look at any great work of art. A legendary photograph. An architectural marvel. Or a timeless painting. They visually...
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Observation: Why It’s So Important For Photographic Composition

If there’s one skill that will improve how you compose photographs, it’s the art of observation. Observation is a part of almost every step in photography. From how you adjust your exposure to how you frame your subject, better observation almost always leads to better...
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Improve Your Photography With These Background Composition Tips

With most visual arts, the artist takes great pains to construct their background. Painters, for example, carefully decide what they’re going to place in their background. One stroke at a time, they construct a background that not only accentuates the main subject, but brings it...
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The 10 Commandments to Photo Composition [Infographic]

The following are ten of the most well-known composition rules for visual design that you can use for photography. By implementing these rules into your photos, you’ll find composing great shots easier and quicker. Embed This Infographic On Your Site! Provided by IrisMasters
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