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Image Blur: Why It Happens and How to Avoid It

Coming home to a blurry image is frustrating. When it happens repeatedly, it can leave you feeling hopeless and ready to throw in the towel. Camera blur, fortunately, is a pretty simple thing to decipher. In my experience, there are four main causes for camera blur. When you...
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What is a fast lens?

What Is a Fast Lens and Why Is It so Talked About?

If there’s one photography term that can cause a bit of confusion, it’s a ‘fast lens.’ Does this mean the lens focuses quicker than other, slower lenses? Or that the lens shoots more frames per second than the rest? Surprisingly, a ‘fast lens’ doesn’t have anything to do with...
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Understanding and Getting Control of ISO – A Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve ever ventured out of AUTO mode, then you are likely familiar with the ISO setting on your camera.. One of the three pillars to the Exposure Triangle, ISO is a vital part to getting the exposure you want. So what is ISO? And how can you better use this setting to capture...
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Aperture priority mode for everyday photography

Is Aperture Priority Mode Good for Everyday Photography?

For many DSLR camera owners, aperture priority mode is the first step towards freedom. It gives more control over aperture, allowing you to better influence depth of field based on your creative vision. But is aperture priority the best choice for everyday photography, like...
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Ways to affect depth of field

3 Easy Ways to Affect Depth of Field

Whether your goal is a blurred background or clarity from border to border, depth of field control is how you make it happen. As covered in the Essentials of Aperture and Depth of Field Photography, aperture choice is the most obvious setting to affect depth. There is, however,...
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How to Photograph Christmas Lights

Whether it’s in your own backyard or the downtown district, Christmas lights make for beautiful, fun photography. And with the limited time range when Christmas lights are on display, it makes them all the more enticing to capture. Camera advances have fortunately made...
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Starter bokeh tips for beginners

What is the Bokeh Effect? Starter Tips for Beginners

With your camera pointed at a light source, gradually turn your focus barrel. You’ll notice the light source become blurrier and blurrier. As you reach the farthest turning point possible, the light will turn orb-like, almost ethereal. This is the bokeh effect. From the Japanese...
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How to Get Control Over Your Camera in Manual Mode

There’s a reason many DSLR camera owners veer away from manual mode. If you’ve tried it before, you know how easy it is to end up with blurry, incorrectly exposed images. Try it a few times and you’ll come to love how convenient auto and semi-auto modes feel. So why do so many...
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How to Brighten the Walls in Your Indoor Photos Step-By-Step

When photographing indoors, a common problem and huge frustration can come in the most unlikely of places: the walls. In person they can appear bright and white – only to render with a brown, beige, or yellow tint. A few culprits lie behind this common problem. This...
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