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RAW vs JPEG – Why Shooting Raw May Be the Answer

The debate of whether to use RAW or JPEG is one that will likely never end. Over a decade ago when I got my first DSLR, I sided on the fence of JPEG. Since then I’ve crossed the road over to RAW and plan to never look back. With most digital cameras, RAW is a file format...
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How to create shallow depth of field

Blurry Backgrounds: How to Create Shallow Depth of Field

Making blurry, beautiful backgrounds is one of the top questions new photographers want to find the answer to. The answer to this question is simple: create shallow depth of field. The way to do this, however, is commonly misunderstood. When you first learn about exposure, you...
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What is An F-Stop? A Brief Intro

The f-stop is a fundamental measurement every photographer should be well acquainted with. If you’ve ever moved out of AUTO mode, you likely are familiar with the various f-stops possible. There’s f/5.6, f/11, f/16 – and numerous others. One thing is certain – these...
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Common DSLR mistakes

6 Most Common DSLR Camera Mistakes

Ever take a picture that looks great – only to find out that there’s some error in how it was captured with your DSLR? An error that, while small, is big enough to keep that picture from ever being printed large or used professionally. These small DSLR camera mistakes are a...
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Image Blur: Why It Happens and How to Avoid It

Coming home to a blurry image is frustrating. When it happens repeatedly, it can leave you feeling hopeless and ready to throw in the towel. Camera blur, fortunately, is a pretty simple thing to decipher. In my experience, there are four main causes for camera blur. When you...
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What is a fast lens?

What Is a Fast Lens and Why Is It so Talked About?

If there’s one photography term that can cause a bit of confusion, it’s a ‘fast lens.’ Does this mean the lens focuses quicker than other, slower lenses? Or that the lens shoots more frames per second than the rest? Surprisingly, a ‘fast lens’ doesn’t have anything to do with...
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Understanding and Getting Control of ISO – A Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve ever ventured out of AUTO mode, then you are likely familiar with the ISO setting on your camera.. One of the three pillars to the Exposure Triangle, ISO is a vital part to getting the exposure you want. So what is ISO? And how can you better use this setting to capture...
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Aperture priority mode for everyday photography

Is Aperture Priority Mode Good for Everyday Photography?

For many DSLR camera owners, aperture priority mode is the first step towards freedom. It gives more control over aperture, allowing you to better influence depth of field based on your creative vision. But is aperture priority the best choice for everyday photography, like...
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Ways to affect depth of field

3 Easy Ways to Affect Depth of Field

Whether your goal is a blurred background or clarity from border to border, depth of field control is how you make it happen. As covered in the Essentials of Aperture and Depth of Field Photography, aperture choice is the most obvious setting to affect depth. There is, however,...
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