Photo Tips and Techniques for Every Occasion

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Starter Macro Photography Ideas

The world of macro photography offers an endless playground for visual exploration. Literally anything can be photographed up-close. If you’re looking to get started with macro but are tired of the usual subjects – flowers, leaves, and bugs – what do you shoot? The...
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black and white photography tips

Getting Started with Black and White Photography

Creating a black and white photograph is as easy as pushing ‘black and white’ in Lightroom or Photoshop. If you’ve tried this, however, then you know that creating great black and white images is far more intricate. Just take a look at the works of some of the greatest black and...
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how to photograph silhouettes

How to Create Captivating Silhouettes in Photography

The silhouette is a visual technique capable of producing powerful, dark, moody images that reel viewers in. It can also be creatively used to engage viewers, spark mystery, and create ambiguous atmospheres open to interpretation. It’s for this reason you will find the silhouette...
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Sunset photography tips

How to Take Better Sunset Photos: A Step-By-Step Guide

Purples, magentas, oranges… the colors of sunset create jaw-dropping views us photographers just can’t resist. Sunsets reach us at a primal level, tapping into an instinctual sense of beauty all can relate with. Depending on where you are at in your photo learning journey, you...
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landscape photography accessories

Must-Have Accessories for the Landscape Photographer

If you love shooting landscape photographs but find yourself always going out with only your camera, you could be missing out. The right accessories make it easier for you to capture high quality images with less struggle. They also help you avoid common shortcuts that...
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11 winter photography tips

11 Winter Photography Tips for a Safe, Successful Shoot

When the cold knocks on your door, it’s easy to switch on the heater and put the camera into hibernation. Step outside into this winter weather, however, and you’ll find fallen leaves, transformed foliage colors, empty parks, fog, mist, and rain. It’s during this time when the...
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How to Photograph Christmas Lights

Whether it’s in your own backyard or the downtown district, Christmas lights make for beautiful, fun photography. And with the limited time range when Christmas lights are on display, it makes them all the more enticing to capture. Camera advances have fortunately made...
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Starter bokeh tips for beginners

What is the Bokeh Effect? Starter Tips for Beginners

With your camera pointed at a light source, gradually turn your focus barrel. You’ll notice the light source become blurrier and blurrier. As you reach the farthest turning point possible, the light will turn orb-like, almost ethereal. This is the bokeh effect. From the Japanese...
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Must-Know Bird Photography Tips

Photographing birds can be one of the most frustrating endeavors for a beginner or intermediate photographer. They’re fast-moving. They often stand out from the background, thus influencing exposure. And most difficult of all, they’re usually afraid of humans, requiring the...
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