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Better images without better gear

How to Take Better Images Without Better Gear

Ads for the latest and greatest lenses, filters, and cameras bombard us each and every day. Their promise is clear: give them our money and they will give us better photos. It’s easy to fall into an obsession with equipment. Talk to any amateur photographer and likely...
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How to Find and Use Contrast in Photography

When we look upon an image, our eyes naturally flock to the areas with greatest intensity. For black and white images, this is the area with the whitest whites. For color images, this is often the brightest color. A vibrant red rose. A sunburst balloon hovering over a jet blue...
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Common DSLR mistakes

6 Most Common DSLR Camera Mistakes

Ever take a picture that looks great – only to find out that there’s some error in how it was captured with your DSLR? An error that, while small, is big enough to keep that picture from ever being printed large or used professionally. These small DSLR camera mistakes are a...
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Practical Photography Tips

As a photographer, you’ll find yourself running into two types of occasions: Shooting for shootings sake Shooting while doing something else The second scenario is commonly referred to as practical photography. You could be walking to the grocery store and see great clouds...
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Image Blur: Why It Happens and How to Avoid It

Coming home to a blurry image is frustrating. When it happens repeatedly, it can leave you feeling hopeless and ready to throw in the towel. Camera blur, fortunately, is a pretty simple thing to decipher. In my experience, there are four main causes for camera blur. When you...
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iteration for photography

Iteration: The Scientific Technique for Improving Your Photography

Merriam-Webster defines iteration as “a procedure in which repetition of a sequence of operations yields results successively closer to a desired result.” This process is vital to success in anything. That includes photography. In general, there are four main types of iteration...
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10 Most Common Composition Mistakes Made by New Photographers

Let’s be honest. Mistakes are a part of every photographer’s journey. The quicker we can learn from our mistakes, the faster we’ll improve. Learning the art of composition is no different. And if there’s one thing beginners to the craft have in common, it’s the mistakes...
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Chimping in Photography: Is It Good or Bad?

Ever hear of chimping? It’s when you take a picture, look at your camera to inspect it as well as the histogram, and then take another picture and do it again. As your head goes back and forth from looking through the viewfinder to at the LCD screen, people started calling ...
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Aperture priority mode for everyday photography

Is Aperture Priority Mode Good for Everyday Photography?

For many DSLR camera owners, aperture priority mode is the first step towards freedom. It gives more control over aperture, allowing you to better influence depth of field based on your creative vision. But is aperture priority the best choice for everyday photography, like...
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