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Photo Lessons

How to create shallow depth of field

Blurry Backgrounds: How to Create Shallow Depth of Field

Making blurry, beautiful backgrounds is one of the top questions new photographers want to find the answer to. The answer to this question is simple: create shallow depth of field. The way to do this, however, is commonly misunderstood. When you first learn about exposure, you...
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Using shapes in photography

How to Find and Use Shapes in Photography

Everything you photograph has shapes. These shapes each have a life of their own. Some shapes make viewers feel secure, others create a sense of energy. Becoming more aware of these shapes helps you better control the visual experience, whether you’re going for a pleasing or...
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What is Space in Photography? An Intro to Positive and Negative Space

The word ‘space’ is used quite often to describe how a photo is composed. What is the definition of space and can it help you take better pictures? Not necessary while at the same time, yes. A better awareness of space will surely help you develop a better sense of composition...
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The Photographer’s Paradox: Learning, Creativity, & Why It’s All So Confusing

When first starting out in photography, it can be quite refreshing to find out that there are rules and guidelines. Composition rules help you frame your images. Exposure rules teach you how to use your camera’s settings. All of these guidelines serve as useful training wheels to...
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What is An F-Stop? A Brief Intro

The f-stop is a fundamental measurement every photographer should be well acquainted with. If you’ve ever moved out of AUTO mode, you likely are familiar with the various f-stops possible. There’s f/5.6, f/11, f/16 – and numerous others. One thing is certain – these...
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Better images without better gear

How to Take Better Images Without Better Gear

Ads for the latest and greatest lenses, filters, and cameras bombard us each and every day. Their promise is clear: give them our money and they will give us better photos. It’s easy to fall into an obsession with equipment. Talk to any amateur photographer and likely...
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rule of thirds lesson

How (and How Not) to Use the Rule of Thirds in Photography

If you’ve taken any type of photography course – online, offline, free or paid – likely you’ve heard of the ‘rule of thirds’. It’s one of the first photography techniques I learned. Some people think of it as a great rule for beginners but not anyone else. Others hate...
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